Conference Project

The Gospel Coalition is not just a North American effort. It's a global movement. Over the last few year years, international gospel coalitions have launched in six continents and nine languages with plans to launch three other coalitions in Asia and Europe soon. Imagine the impact these gospel-centered gatherings, resources, and networks can have on the world in our generation, in every corner of the globe. With your support, it can happen.

Conference Schedule
Sunday, March 31
6:30 pm - It Takes a Church: Focused on the Family of God

Albert Mohler

7:15 pm - Navigating the Noise: Good News Homes in a Bad News World

Benjamin Watson

8:00 pm - Train a Child in the Way He Should Speak: Forming Future Evangelists

Jen Wilkin

8:35 pm - Mirror of Sin and Means of Grace: Parents Are Works in Progress, Too

Paul Tripp

Monday, April 1
9:00 am - Catechetical Evangelism: Why Biblical Doctrine Is Good News

Ligon Duncan

9:50 am - Little Global Hearts: How to Give Kids a Vision for the World

Danny Akin

10:20 am - Panel: Youth Are Not the Future: The Urgent Task of Evangelism Today

Cameron Cole, Jackie Hill Perry Glen Scrivener, Stephen Um

11:05 am - Now Is the Time: Signs of Hope for the Next Generation

Trevin Wax

1:00 pm - Unashamed to Be Scorned with Jesus

John Piper

3:30 pm - You Must Be Born Again

Tim Keller

7:00 pm - A Pagan Woman Who Understands Grace

Ligon Duncan

Tuesday, April 2
9:00 am - The Woman at the Well

H.B. Charles

11:00 am - Hometown Disadvantage

Kevin DeYoung

1:30 pm - What a Minor Prophet Teaches Us About Nationalism and Race, Grace and Mission

Tim Keller

3:00 pm - Help Me Teach the Bible Live: David Platt on Teaching that Ignites a Passion for the World

David Platt and Nancy Guthrie

4:30 pm - Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Paul Tripp

7:30 pm - Healing and Faith

Trip Lee

Wednesday, April 3
9:00 am - Paralysis and Forgiveness

David Platt

11:00 am - Lazarus

Don Carson

Times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)